Fiona Hill is a businesswoman, anthropologist, Arabic speaker, writer and educator who explains basic components of the Arab worldview so that Australians can interact with the region with confidence.


As a small business owner Fiona knows mistakes can be costly and affect people’s morale. Her presentations focus on fast-track familiarisation to ensure her audiences understand the significance of cultural differences, and how to enjoy them.

Fiona offers unique women-only business missions and cultural tours to the Arab region which give women an inside view of government, business, education, arts, and civil advocacy. Arab governments appreciate the unique aspect of Fiona’s services and provide exceptional privileges to her groups. For example, her mission to Saudi Arabia for Australian professional women was hosted by King Abdullah Al Saud.

Fiona’s clients range from oil and gas, publishing, food, the arts, international education, construction, resource management, to government – as well as to individuals with professional or personal interests in the region.

Her community work spans two decades of advocacy for better Australia-Arab relations and projects that create dialogue between Muslim Arab nations and the West. With particular expertise in Syria and Saudi Arabia, she has also worked in Kuwait, Oman, the UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Libya, and Morocco.

Some examples of speaking topics include:
  • Slaves to good & evil:
    how did it happen and where is it taking us?

  • Engaging Arabia:
    a survival kit

  • Kicking Around the Euphrates:
    the archaeologist goes native

During her presentations, Fiona draws upon a broad palette of the perspectives she provides and the opportunities she creates for Australian engagement with the Arab region. No other Australian or international tour operator, business, or trade organization offers such a range of services or gives its clients the depth of experience that emboldens them to engage in personal discoveries.

Her presentations are built on the scaffold of what audiences know or, more often, ‘half know’ about Arab countries’ culture and heritage, and guide their discovery of fact over fiction with an entertaining and often surprising range of anecdotes from her own experience over the course of nearly 30 years.

Audiences will be thoroughly entertained by anecdotes that surprise and be motivated to review their own cultural diversity competency, whether in their travels, their work place, or in their own home.

Fiona is available as guest speaker, facilitator, or panellist at meetings and events relevant to the Arab region, women’s international capacities and Muslim-West engagement.

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