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Performance Management is a hot topic. Everyone wants in on the trade secrets and shortcuts to making their teams more efficient and increasing organisational productivity. Renegade works with some of the hottest speakers on performance – from personal self-awareness to power team productivity... here are just a few:

COLIN BOYD | High Performance Leadership
Colin inspires personal productivity & team effectiveness, mindfulness and focus together with innovative ways of thinking. He is an authority on increasing leadership performance by installing the latest neuroscience, productivity and communication strategies. With a warm, insightful style, Colin partners with event organisers, HR managers and L&D professionals to create a conference that not only entertains delegates, but also leaves them with practical actions and ideas to implement back in the office. That’s why companies like Hewlett Packard, Suncorp, Fuji Xerox, Allianz, LS Travel Retail engage him to train their leaders.
Colin Boyd
GEOFF KNIGHT | Breaking Best
Over twenty years ago, Geoffrey turned his life around from being a desperado and member of ‘Highway 61', the largest bikie gang in New Zealand, to become a successful singer in the demanding world of Opera. An enthralling speaker who raises the bar of what is possible for every member of the audience by using warmth and humour to share his very human and inspiring story of total transformation, overcoming adversity, discovering his passion for Opera, and the lessons learned from breaking through limitations to achieve success as an international tenor. He is perfect as a “wow” conference opening, an after lunch pick-me-up or as a feature entertainment piece.
Geoff Knight
DREW GINN | Lessons from the Olympics
Australian five-time world champion rower and triple Olympic gold medallist, Drew shares his story of achieving success, engaging audiences and drawing them into those Olympic moments ofpassion, teamwork, capacity and flow. His insights of about performance, leadership, learning, adversity, pressure, achieving goals and bouncing back are extensive.

Drew is an inspirational conference speaker and polished MC.

Drew Ginn
ROY CHOI | Culinary Trailblazer
Listed in Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2016 and named one of Food & Wine’s best new chefs of 2010, Roy is the legendary chef behind some of Los Angeles’ most infamous restaurants including Chego, Alibi Room, A-Frame and LocoL. He is widely known as the godfather of the food truck movement thanks to his success with the much-celebrated Kogi Truck. In his free time, he volunteers at “A Place Called Home” where he empowers underprivileged kids to open their own local food-based businesses by teaching them basic cooking techniques – inspirational business performance.
Roy Choi
ANNIE McKEE | "High Priestess" of Executive Coaching
Annie has a simple message for companies across the world: happy people work harder and smarter. In her upcoming book, based on her popular Harvard Business Review article “Being Happy at Work Matters”, she explains how to engage employees by keeping them happy. An emotional intelligence expert on the cutting edge of leadership and organisational culture, McKee is dedicated to making good leaders better and world-class corporations even more successful. Her speeches and half-day and full-day seminars, can help put your team on the right track to success.
Annie McKee

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