• Yvonne Adele
    Yvonne Adele
    Practical business insight, creative thinking, sales and marketing strategy and social media imperatives.
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  • Richard Bowles
    Richard Bowles
    Sustained commitment speaker, Richard has taken his body and mind to the very limits.
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  • Cas & Jonesy
    James Castrission & Justin Jones
    Cas & Jonesy made history by completing the longest unsupported polar expedition of all time.
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  • Bryan Dawe
    Bryan Dawe
    One of Australia’s finest political satirists, with a long, successful writing and performing career.
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  • Pat Farmer
    The Hon. Pat Farmer
    Ultra-marathon athlete, motivational speaker and former Australian politician.
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  • Kathryn Fox
    Kathryn Fox
    A medical practitioner with a special interest in forensic medicine, Kathryn is a best-selling thriller author.
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  • Nathy Gaffney
    Nathy Gaffney
    Nathy focusses on the powerful impact of first impressions, charisma, and our innate desire for human connection.
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  • Samantha Gash
    Samantha Gash
    Samantha has a unique story, coupled with dramatic film footage that has audiences on the edge of their seats.
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  • Peter Hillary
    Peter Hillary
    From one of the great families of mountaineering, Peter is an inspiring adventurer who has a history of world-class achievements in climbing.
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  • Matt Katsis
    Matt Katsis
    Singer/songwriter and guitarist Matt’s raw vocals and command of the acoustic guitar are the corner-stone of his live blend of blues, roots and folk music.
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  • Michael Licenblat
    Michael Licenblat
    A resilience expert, Michael specialises in teaching people in sales and business how to bounce back from rejections and setbacks.
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  • Michael McQueen
    Michael McQueen
    Michael McQueen is a bestselling author and future trends analyst, helping organisations and leaders in Winning the Battle for Relevance.
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  • Gihan Perera
    Gihan Perera
    A futurist and an expert in helping leaders understand how the Internet has changed their world.
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  • Rachael Robertson
    Rachael Robertson
    Leader of the 58th Australian National Antarctic Research Expedition to Davis Station.
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  • Elodie Sablier
    Elodie Sablier
    A graduate from the finest conservatoires in France, Elodie is exactly what you are looking for in a classical & cocktail pianist.
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  • Debra Searle
    Debra Searle
    Professional adventurer, solo Atlantic rower, author and motivational speaker.
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  • Mark Squirrell
    Mark Squirrell
    Ex-Special Forces Soldier, Humanitarian Aid worker and Everest Summiteer.
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